"Zero Tolerance"

In light of growing awareness of abuse and misconduct in sports, including issues of sexual nature, U.S. Figure Skating — Safesport just released this statement reminding all members of its mandatory reporting policy. 

But do you—the skater, coach, parent, board member—feel confident and prepared to take action should an issue or accusation come up? We're not just talking about by-laws of the club nor rules of the rink: truly maintaining a policy of zero tolerance is an ongoing practice that requires cultivating an open, trusting, and brave community. 

Rather than sending another copy+paste email reminder to your list, consider hosting a gathering of parents, board members, or the entire club to openly discuss the issue at hand. The goal not being to seek the dirt and details but to simply encourage open communication and demonstrate that you value the safety and care of the skaters in your network. Because this isn't just about what happens in the silos of a sport: these are conversations and movements that are happening across the world.


People's Supper offers this guide titled "Collective Care in A World Where Sexual Harassment & Assault are The Norm". You can follow it exactly or adapt it to fit the dynamic and age of your group. No matter how you host it, it's a good and productive evolution to the standard board meeting or club gathering. 

Looking for more? I found out about The People's Supper in this edition of WELLread, a weekly newsletter that's packed full of resources and practices.