Show | She rises: a tribute to great women who changed the world, Figure skating in harlem 2019
program | A tribute to Dorothy Vaughan, Katherine Johnson, and Mary Jackson

Skating to Constellation Baby by Mother Feather, three adolescent skaters set the stage of inspiration for women to dream big and be true in a graceful introduction of three younger, beginner skaters who answer the call, skating boldly and confidently to Victory by Kim Burrell and Pharrell Williams as featured in the biographical film, Hidden Figures.

This program combines honoring a history of trailblazing with present day mentorship and sisterhood. Students learned about the contributions made by the three African-American women mathematicians at NASA and how their struggles and triumphs connect to their own lives and identities. In addition to using music from the Hidden Figures soundtrack, the skaters learned about the New York City band Mother Feather to further connect the subject of the program to an example in their own community of women-led art, power, and possibility.