Private and semi-private skating lessons are available for all ages and levels from new beginners to advanced.


Learn the basics to help you get over the fear of falling and gain the skills to help you glide across the ice with confidence!



Sessions focus on precision and power skating to help improve speed, agility, awareness, and strength on the ice.


Figure skating

I specialize in body awareness, jump/spin technique, and choreography—incorporating practices of holistic development to the ice. Whether you’re skating for fun or preparing for a performance, we’ll work together to develop sessions that help move you towards your goals.



All on-ice work is improved when paired with an intelligent off-ice program. For flexibility, focus, and injury prevention, we can work together to develop and implement a program that uniquely supports you and your skating development. Email allison@johnston.ink inquire.

Lessons can be booked in 25 minute or 30 minute increments (rink-dependent). Some exceptions apply.
Typical sessions last 30-60 minutes at a rate of $50/half-hour (or half-session).
24-hour notice of cancellation is required. | For questions or clarifications email allison@johnston.ink